Looks pretty nice


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Jun 11, 2005
Yakima, Washington
Looks pretty nice around here!:):) Now if everybody finds their way over it'll be just like before only with a few more rooms and a new paint job.

Looks like Len has been pretty busy. Thanks for all of your work and for the new site Len.

It's gonna take a whole lot of reading to catch up with all of the new articles etc. that have been added.

Thanks again Len.:D
I really like the color scheme. For some reason it has no glare and is restful on my eyes. Sharpness or clarity or whatever it is called, seems to be really good.
New diggs...........

Im kinda new round here, loved the old site so I belive the upgrades are going to be very nice. Len thanks for all your hardwork and time.
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