Looking to Thin out your hogs....

Country Bumpkin

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Sep 22, 2015
Boise, ID
I’m hoping to find someone with a hog problem that would like some help thinning the herd.

I don’t want to sound crass, but they are a nuisance animal from everything I have ever read about them, so I can’t justify paying much more than a trespass fee to thin out such an invasive creature.

I’d like to bring along my Wife (this was actually her idea), my Father-in-law and his best friend (both retired USAF - I only did a 4-Yr enlistment). My Wife is a very good shot but limits herself to 150 yards. FIL and Friend are excellent shooters. I am pretty darn effective.

We’d be loading up and pulling a trailer with a freezer/generator on the jumpin-jack trailer and camping.

Hoping to come home with some nice eating-Size hogs (research suggests that would be between 80-100 lbs...?). We’d be willing to cull larger hogs as well if that’s what the land-owner desires.

I don’t have much to offer in trade, because I don’t own enough property to hunt on in Idaho, but I have things nearly figured out on public land and I’m willing to give up one or two spots/coordinates in return (with the understanding that those locations will NOT be shared beyond the original recipient and a couple close Hunting buddies- I still hunt these areas). I have lived here since 2007 and that knowledge does not come easily, for the most part I have had to learn it with boots on the ground. It’s not like back east where I grew up and whitetails cover every habitable acre, western critters exist in pockets that are separated by large and steep sections of beautiful, perfectly habitable canyons, with nothing but song birds in them. You can waste a LOT of energy and time traipsing around in “good-looking elk country”.

PM me if anyone has anything that they’d like to offer up. Thanks for reading.