looking for the right gun 2 build on!

beattie buk

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Dec 17, 2009
1400 cr 152 comanche, tx.
I'm sure this is a tired subject. I'm from beattie, tx. and have hunted all of my life. Where i live doesn't require long range shooting but it is something that has always interested me. Recently a friend and I have decided we want to really get into this. He has started with a .308 and I havent decided yet what I want. I like the .308 because the recoil isnt too hard, but would like to be able to hunt big game too. If i were to load my own ammo, wat would be my most versitile long range rifle. I have heard a 300 mag could be loaded for varmint hunting. Is that true?? Excuse the dumb questions please! I have always used the same 2 or 3 guns and dont know much outside them.
My personal opinion,(and this is an opinion oriented question) would be a 300 of some sort. or maybe a 7mm, Im just not fond of the metric system haha.
I use a 270 wsm and a 300 wby for pretty much everything though I own alot more in bigger and smaller calibers. I hunt elk bear deer(muley's as Im from Oregon) all the way down to coyotes and sage ratts.
Loading a 300 down can be dangerous, so id opt for shooting fmj for coyotes but I dont keep the hydes either so I just use what I have worked up loads for in my rifle sighted in with for whatever I shoot.
Maybe something along a 300wsm.... works well with 180 gr and lighter bullets, not a whole lot of added recoil like a Weatherby etc. and ammo is available most everywhere. Very versitile. LIMB SAVER and a brake will reduce most of the reciol.

However if recoil is a big isseue you may want to look at a 6.5(264 in english) of some kind. Maybe 6.5/284 or 260 Rem.(a 6.5 on a 308 parent case) I dont know much about small bore stuff, but that 6.5(264 in english) is a long range tack driver with the right shooter and set up.

Not -MY- first choice for elk,compared to a 300 mag of any kind, but talk about POTENTIAL if you have the right set up and are good with it.

Then again I love my 270wsm on anything shy of Griz,(mostly cause I havent tried it on Griz I suppose)haha:D But I have bigger guns more suited for them.
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