Looking for opinions please. Lightweight backpack

Lots of Kuiu peeps! I definitely have to go put hands On. The seek packs look great too. I honestly had no idea there is that many choices! Sounds like the Badlands is out of contention now!
The exo might be the one! Going to send them an email to see if they could add a barrel down removable scabbard to it. I carry my rifle most of the time with exception of the early morning. Some of the area I hunt is steep as heck so having that option is great. At 4.4lbs as well as made in USA in Bouse, ID that’s a win with the frame! All you guys rock for the help and keep the suggestions coming! Thank you again!
Exo, stone glacier, kifaru are 3 packs that most people seem to have positive things to say about them. Kifaru seem to be heavier but a lot of users feel that it fits so well you don't notice the extra weight. I have never had the pleasure of being able to look at those 3. I have and use the kuiu and mystery ranch. I like both but does seem like I usually use the kuiu icon pro. It's light and comfortable. Never experienced sore shoulders. Have had the pack approx. 7 years. It has packed numerous elk quarters, just take it to the creek and wash it up and hang it out to dry. Good luck with your search.
I’ve had an old Eberlestock X2 for years. Only had one real serious elk pack out and it was terrible! Just got an EXO and it is amazing! So comfortable, crazy high quality, and very well thought out layout. Highly recommend!
I bought a KUIU and an EXO. Both great packs, I returned the KUIU and kept the EXO, since it was a bit sturdier and I bought it for Moose. I’m sure I would have been equally pleased w the KUIU.
Lightweight? Seekoutside.
You will be hard pressed to find a lighter pack, that’s still capable of hauling as much as you can. 100% American made in CO. I couldn’t be happier with mine, or their customer service.
I have 3 Eberlestock packs. X1 for my daughter, Blue Widow thatbis exclusively used for packing out meat, and a Team Elk that was my main pack, but never fit me right in the chest/shoulders area, making it uncomfortable on long treks with weight.
I swapped to a Kuiu Icon Pro 2600, and super happy I did. Weighs less than the Team Elk, and is WAY more comfortable. I also bought a freighter attachment in case I ever wanted to use it for meat only, but have not used that option yet, even thoug I have packed a ton on meat in the bag. Elk/deer quarters, no problem. I even packed a whole pronghorn out quartered up. 4 quarters, backstraps, tenderloins, neck roasts, and head/cape.

The new LT system is even lighter.
Take a look at Initial Ascent their packs are in the 4-6 pound range. I would suggest getting a bigger pack. You can cinch it down when it’s not full. Then when you need the extra capacity you have it. Buy the rifle holder to fit the pack.

Another +1 for Exo Mountain Gear! Mine have been the most comfortable packs I've owned. Very lightweight package as well. The 4800 series bag is "just right" for everything I've ever needed it to do. The also have a rifle carrying attachment that's very simple to use to carry the rifle up the back or side of the pack.
Good morning y’all!

Looking at re-tooling my entire hunting set up this year. A little background on me. Been hunting Wa State since I was 5 years old with my dad. Mainly on the east side. (That was in the mid 80’s). Through the years amassed quite the collection of stuff.

Now, I am in process of working out and loosing weight so I’d like to get everything lighter as much as possible without sacrificing comfort. I have hunts planned in Montana this year so it’s time to get it done!

I currently run an eberlestock x1. I like the rifle scabbard as this is why I got one. I also have an eberlestock gunslinger II for long hikes. Looking for a good day pack with a rifle scabbard or a way to carry one on the pack. Budget isn’t an issue and am willing to look at all y’all suggest.

Thank you in advance and I apologize for the short story. Hope this gives the members here a little more insight on what I am asking and hoping to find a few that were in my same boat!

I just switched from Eberlestock main frame to kuiu pro lite. Love it. Saved a few pounds. Both are very flexible but like the kuiu better for weight savings.
A quick comparison of some of the popular packs mentioned, compared to a Seekoutside Gosshawk. Also keep in mind the X1 holds half the volume.

Eberlestock X1 5.75lbs, Vietnam $269
EXO k3 4800 5.18lbs, USA made $650
Seekoutside 4800 3.5lbs, USA made $615
Kuiu Pro LT 4000 3.87lbs, China $529
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I have a Sitka Mountain Hauler 4000. Only got it because of a sale. Very light, simple and effective. Still worth having a solid bare packframe at the truck to switch to after the first trip. And as a Montanan hears a word of advice, don't park in the middle of a road before setting off on your hike. The number of times I see rigs parked in the middle of the &[email protected] road, blocking things up is ridiculous. I see this most with WA plates, but there are others.