Looking for load data to 8mm rem mag and 416 rem mag. Both have 24" barrel.

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    Jun 2, 2008
    I have, those above calibers in my arsenal and I keep on looking for reloading data for these calibers. To my 8mm rem mag, I have a pretty good charge. I use where the Swift A-frame 220 gr, 215 Federal primer and gunpowder Norma MRP and get V0 approximately 860 m / s. Are there any of you who have a better charge with the same bullet with higher V0 m / s?

    Earlier this year I bought Rem. 700 Safari in caliber 416 rem. mag. and which uses the former owner of Woodleigh RN 400 gr, 215 Federal primer and gunpowder Norma 203B. I had to inaugurate it last fall by shooting a female moose in Sweden. I have some loads to 416 r m but I am interested in more loads for this caliber.

    In Sweden there is no importer of Alliance Powder now and it is very sad. I have used this powder before my 8 mm r m

    I thank you in advance and hope I can help with this.

    My English is not the best but I hope you understand what I have written.