Looking for Left Handed 7mm Stw


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Sep 13, 2022
Hey guys. Don’t have the money yet but I’m just trying to cope out what I want. Wanted to see what y’all’s suggestions were for a left handed 7mm Stw for ELR.
I originally wanted a Remington Sendero but that costs too much to bolt it for a left hand seeing it’s impossible to find one.
Depending on what you want for an action and barrel, your probably going to need to build it. That’s what I’ve been doing as a lefty, to get what I want.
Do you already have a supply of brass/ammo? If not, you might want to look at a 28 Nosler. I think it would be easier to find brass/rifles for.
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Seriously, I would just build one. Do not buy a RUM based 700 to build a belted mag, too many variable differences that will hinder your build.
Buy a magnum action, blueprint it and be happy. My own STW is built on a blueprinted switch barrel REM 700 Sendero action, works a treat and very happy with it.