looking for a LH PRC or SAUM


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May 12, 2006
I have a semi custom 6.5 saum RH gun at the time thought it was a great idea for my son who is RH but shoots LH due to cross dominate eye issue. He shoots well LH and shoots this 6.5 saum well with 143 eldxs but we had to swap to a DBM and he's only 11 so where he needs to put his support hand is at the mag. its a sweet gun but I am looking for a LH in PRC or even Saum. to buy or trade with for worse case I guess could try and sell this one but I know will never recoup my money not even close which I am ok with if need be let me know what you boys have. Been eyeballing a CA Ridgeline in 6.5 PRC but again open to suggestions. Its primarily for deer and antelope with an occasional elk

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