Looking For A 30-06 Practice Bullet And Load Out To 600 Yards


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May 5, 2015
Rockford, MI
Expected to get better than 1" at 100 yards

You can almost certainly get better than 1 inch groups. Don't be surprised if you keep testing and get it down to .5 inch or even .25 inch for 5+ shot groups.

I usually try for at least 4 shot groups to give me valid data. If it looks good with 4 shots, it's worth it for me to load up 10 shots and try it out again.

Good luck and have fun!

Good Times

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Oct 28, 2015
Ended up using a wooden dowel and sandpaper to free float the barrel.

Was getting late and dark at the range today but fired a 3 shot group
with the 155 Amax, 53.0 Grains IMR 4064, Fed Primer for a group
of around .623. Just did an eyeball of center to center with the calipers so could
be a hair off. A whole lot better that the 4 inch group I started with.
It's a pretty light rifle with the older Savage black synthetic stock and does
jump around quite a bit from the recoil. The limbsaver recoil pad helps a lot.
Not painful but you know when it goes off.

Very pleased with the load. More than accurate enough for shooting practice.
Just need to chrono the load and order a laser engraved turret from Leupold
for the elevation. Will probably set the zero at 200 yards

Thanks to everyone for their help.

30-06 RP Case, 155 Amax, 53.0 IMR 4064, Fed Primer, AOL 3.290 for this
Savage 110 and around .623" group of 3 shots.