Looking for 300 wsm brass

I have been shooting Nickel brass since the late 70s. I have never scratched a die with this brass. If the Ni plating is going to crack, it will be in the neck, so just rub the neck in between your fingers just prior to running the brass into the die, Simple quality control check.

I have used nickel-plated 357 brass enough to wear the Nickel coating thin.

There has been a LOT of 270 Win, 280 Rem, and 7 mag Nickel plated brass ran through various rifles of mine and my brothers.
That is great to know. I have loaded a lot of .357 MAG nickel plated, but never rifle. I always heard it should not be done. I have some 22-250, 243 and 270 I am glad I never threw away
Desperately looking to buy norma or nosler brass!
I am just getting into reloading and have 20 casings of once fired Norma and 40 casings of once fired nickel winchester. I'm too scare to reload the nickel because of all the scratching dies talk. I'd like to develop my own load for my tikka T3 300wsm with nosler or Norma brass, hodgdon 100v and the barnes 175lrx. Even if you don't have brass to sell me, any pointers or advice would be more than appreciated!
Peterson said their gonna start making it. no date yet though. I think some Aussie company may have some. Can't remember name. thought I saw it resently.
edit- Bertram brass, you can pre order now
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I've also loaded nickel plated brass for a long time 30+ years with no issues or problems with my dies so do t worry about it.
I prefer the nickel when hunting areas with tough weather like the northern Rockies and Alaska.
I have a few different caliber WSMs and shoot the nickel reloads, again with no issues.
Buy the ADG brass but load and shoot your other brass as well and have fun!
Still a little wait, but here is another option from a LRH sponsor
@Tikka Lover
I'm glad I found this thread! Got some ordered! Woot!

I've been postponing my build because of no brass!
I'm glad I found this thread! Got some ordered! Woot!

I've been postponing my build because of no brass!
Excellent choice i run ADG 300wsm brass in my 6.5x300wsm, I had to run Win 300wsm for years but had to do alot of brass prep though.
Just get enough brass for the life of the barrel and you won't have to worry about it.

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