SOLD/EXPIRED Longrangehunting "Bigeyes"

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    May 7, 2001
    A must for the serious Longrange hunter.
    Two 77mm Kowa Spotter scopes in an adjustable Randy Yohn double bracket.
    Comes with two sets of eyepieces. One set of 25X long eye relief for those who wear glasses and one set of 30X Wide angle. The 30X sold for $175.00 Each when new.
    1/2-20 threaded hole on bottom of bracket for tri-pod mounting.
    Unit is like new.
    $1100.00 plus shipping ($20.00 to $25.00 in the USA)
    This unit sold not long ago for $1700.00 when new.
    Will send pics if your REALLY interested, no tire kickers.
    Darryl Cassel
    [email protected]

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