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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FAL Shot, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Oct 9, 2010
    My LongRange Hunting Dog these days is a mixture of German Shepherd (25%), Rottweiler (25%), and Black Lab (50%). He has eyes of an eagle, and easily spots prairie dogs that I have to spot through binoculars or rifle scope. When I wound a prairie dog, he tears off after him to finish him off (Rottweilers beat pitbulls in jaw strength). I have downsized to .22LR and PCP .25 cal air rifle for PD hunting these days, as prairie dogs (the prairie rat bastards) aren't really worth going after with centerfire ammo....but I realize most of you haven't mastered that before getting involved with supermagnums. I have a very good .204 Ruger, so don't think I don't know what a "laser beam" rifle is all about. It's just that you don't need it if your head isn't up your derrierre and locked down in a sphincter that Houdini couldn't escape....as far as measly PD's are concerned.

    For some reason I can't explain yet, I kill more prairie dogs when I take my LongRange Hunting Dog to PD towns, in spite of his loud panting in the heat and the very obvious attention he draws from PD's. Maybe it's because he draws attention away from me, I don't know. I just kill more of the prairie rat bastards when he is with me.

    I do know that he knows good from bad, ever since he was a pup. If I poured him some Johnny Walker Red, he refused to drink it. If I poured him some Highland Park, Johnny Walker Green, Talisker, or Laphroaig.....he lapped it up immediately and wanted more. The dog had real taste from day one. Jim Beam White Label would have him lifting a leg and pissing on it. As humans, we would be smart if we did the same and sent a message to those who sold us Johnny Walker Red Label and Jim Beam White Label.

    So, do YOU have a LongRange Hunting Dog as perceptive as my Jocko??? Tell me about it if you do. A good hunting dog is far more valuable and entertaining than any rifle you could ever own. I don't seem to see many threads about exellent hunting dogs here, and that marks you as a total arse if you think hardware trumps a good hunting dog.
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    Jan 30, 2005
    I had a Jack Russel that was a coyote hunting fool. He could spot coyotes at 600 yards when we were glassing, would start wimpering and scratching at the truck door to get out and go after them.

    When a coyote took a bullet wether it was a good shot or not he would attack the coyote. I can honestly say out of the 30 or so coyotes he jumped only one got the best of him that one was also free of any holes! that just made him meaner.

    Pretty awsome for a 22lb dog.