Longer bottom metal for CA in 338 Lapua?

Dialing Long Distance

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Dec 22, 2014
Upstate New York
Hello all, I have a Mesa Long range in 338 Lapua. I’ve decided to make a project out of this rifle. It’s accuracy is ok, though my Ruger RPR in 338 was consistently better. I’m going to start with rebarreling, and I have a Brux Barrel ordered.

Now, I’d really like to be able to load 300 grain Berger’s in a magazine while still having the rounds seated close to the lands. It drives me nuts shooting a repeater as a single shot because nobody has addressed the shortcomings of the magazine length options. I see that MDT makes a 4.050” AiCS style magazine. Does anyone make a bottom metal that will accept this? I’m surprised that more manufactures haven’t addressed this issue already since long range shooting and VLD bullets become so popular among many shooters. Thanks for any advice...


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