Long time lurker, first time poster...


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May 5, 2012
Hi my names Andrew, I live in Melbourne, Australia. Married with 2 small children.
I'm 38 y/o and about 2 years ago started to get into shooting with the main focus being (and not yet achieved) deer hunting primarily for meat.

I currently have a 22lr bolt for plinking / practice and rabbits, a 12 gauge for things that fly and I'm thinking about getting into simulated game competition shooting just for giggles, and Rem 700 varmint in 308win.

Things I'm looking at are a heavy short barrelled (~18in) .223, and another 308 for carrying through the hills were the sambar deer like to live.
I'm also getting pretty interested in reloading.

Anyway I have been using this forum for the past 24 months as a very useful reference and thought it was time I joined in the fun.

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