Long Range with old cartridges


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Jun 12, 2007
A friend and I are wanting to start working on some longer range shooting for a mule deer hunt next year. He purchased a Weatherby Back Country in 30-06 and I ended up scoring a Tikka T3 in .270win. I will be working up loads for both of these and would like some advise on which bullets to use. I'm thinking 600 yards is about the longest range we will be working up to. Would a 165gr bullet be the way to go in the 30-06? Accubond? E-tip? Berger?

As for my .270, I am looking at the 140 gr accubond, but I am open to suggestions.

I would like to shoot the Hornady SST in both for practice. Is this a good idea?
If I were you I would use the Bergers in both rifles if you intend to shoot long range. First of all, you will need the highest B.C. you can get to maintain some energy at long distance and the bergers will perform better at lower velocity (long range) than the accubonds. Another good choice would be the A-Max bullets by Hornady. My opinion......Rich
In the 30-06 I would use the 175 Sierra MK. I and several busloads of people use it regularly. It has been proven over and over again to be a reliable killer of deer sized animals.
Like Boss Hoss I thought we were going to talk about cartridges a little older.

The definition of "old" has changed for me ever since I left my twenties...
I wouldn't call the 270 old but I would the 30-06 and I think most folks would by any fair definition...104 years...older than anyone who post here but, feel free to share your old cartridges with us...well at least me if you want...I can't speak for the original poster as he only mentioned 270 & 30-06 and I don't want to ruffle his feathers.
i use lapua brass and 50.6 of varget , and a 168 berger in the 30-06. half inch groups
Both cartridges would be great at the range you indicate. Palma shooters are shooting 150-155 grain bullets from their 308's as a rule.

Check out any number of ballistic calculators using the BC's and velocities and go with the one you feel best with. 130,140,150 grain bullets are all good for the 270. I would suggest you practice with the bullet you will be using for hunting. Practice a lot at the range and under the same circumstances,ie,prone or resting over a rock so you can be sure of your shots.

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