long range vz 24?


Mar 13, 2002
South Dakota
I have a 280 imp on a vz-24 action. For whatever reason, I can't get it to shoot. I'm getting 1 1/4" groups at 100yds. For a 10lb rifle, thats not good enough. Who would you have work on it and what would you have them do? Most of the weight is in the stock(Laminated), so the barrel isn't as heavy as it could be. Rebarreling to a 7mm is a thought, I'm getting tired of fireforming etc.
Have you tried bedding and tried a pressure pad under the barrel? I built a 6mm AI on a VZ 24 and the ting shoots pretty well considering it was my first. Any gunsmith should be able to work on a mauser action, it is the most common action in the world. What brand of barrel is on it? I know there are a lot of cheap barrels out there especially for mausers. Some shot some don't. If yours is good, by all means bed it. Mine does .5 or less easily, and the guy that showed me how to build it wasn't impressed.
It is a Douglas barrel, but Like I said, I wouldn't be opposed to rebarreling. Who would you guys recommend? I have not tried to pressure bed the foreend yet, that may be a summer project. After 4 years of trying, I'm getting a little sick of this. My 20 year old 308 pump always gets taken hunting because it shoots 3/4" groups. I've been accurate out to 324yds with it, but I would like to be able to reach 500yds.
try bedding first, if that doesn't work get a new barrel, why spend 100 to get it rechambered if its still going to shot like ****.
To find a gunsmith go to your gun store they may be able to help you. What I would do with your rilfe is have the action bedded and your bolt lugs lapped and your trigger lighten up .I hope this will help. good luck.

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My foreend pad consists of the end of a box of 9mm ammo folded over and crammed in. It shot so well, I didn't dare touch it. There is no need to make it too much of a project. I would just send the barrel to pac-nor or douglas if I didn't have a local friend with a lathe and reamers.
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