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Jun 25, 2003
Eastern US
I have used several brands of scopes to include: Weaver, Burris, Leupold, Tasco, Simmons, etc. but have yet to decide on one for a Long Range Rig.

I have a 7mm Ultra Mag in a Remington 700 Sendero. I have decided to use a 6-24 variable scope with target turrets and a mil-dot reticle. However, the only manufacturer that makes this set-up that I've been able to find is called Sightron. This manufacturer is newer to me and I have not heard any input on them.

Does anyone have any pro or con feedback regarding Sightron scopes? Can anyone recommend a comparable set-up for the same price (~ $450.00)

I have no experience with Sightron but have read good things about them on various boards. I believe they are made in Japan.

Your price limit ($450 )limits you greatly in your options and the Sightron does seem to be excellent value for money. It has 1/8 th clicks, Target Turrets and hight elevation range at about 40 MOA.

Other scopes to consider are

Burris Signature 6-24x44 A/O, Mil-Dot, Matte, Target Knob $499.95. Has small adjustment range at 22 MOA

Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x40 A/O Matte Finish with Mil-Dot Reticle $389.95. Lacks Target Turrets and has small adjustment range of 26 MOA. Excellent glass and solid design.

Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 Matte Finish, 1" tube, Mil-Dot Reticle $189.95. Has 1/4 MOA clicks, large adjustment range 78 MOA, but lacks AO and high magnification. Has fast focus and nice glass.

The reason I mention the little 10x40 is so you could consider purchasing this, and use it while saving for a 30 MM tube Leupold, Burris Black Diamond or IOR Valdada which will meet the full specification you require, give you a large adjustment range, great glass, side parrallex adjustment and a lifetime of great service.

Ian M reviewed the 10 x 40 on this forun at

All prices are from www.riflescopes.com.


Mountaineer, My son has a 6-24x Burris Sig. trgt knobs and Bal. mil-dot on his 22-250, what an outstanding scope, you'll do no better for more money IMO, crystal clear optics and all the good stuff you'd expect from a scope like this, If you can get this scope for $499, I'd go for it, Jay
Since the question was asked, I will throw in my support for the Elite 4200 6X24 scope. I own two and love them. The optics are great as are the adjustments.

Even though they have 25min of adjustment, they will work for your combo even out to 1000yds. All you need to do is use Burris Sig rings and/or a tapered base to get your 100yd zero at full down. That way you will have the full adjustment for different ranges. I usually set up my LR rifles with a 250yd zero since I am not going to be shooting under that except for sighting in.

The Elite 4X16-40 or 50 is also worth a look and has 50 min of adj.

So have a good look through as many of these scopes as you can. Choose the one that best suits your eyes. There is a difference.

I do not care for the sightron. I have 2.Have 6-24 on my .22, and a 3-12 not on any gun.the 6-24's cross hair is a little to thick.they do not have target knobs, and i was not happy with the stony point knobs, I tried on this.I just ordered a nikon 6-20, from Natchez, to use on my 22-.250.
Thanks 700!

I agree that a nice Leupold scope or other high dollar scope would undoubtedly be the best way to go in the long run. However, I expect that if I truly went all out on long range hunting I'd opt for a custom rifle.

Right now I'm putting together a Remington 700 Sendero in 7 Ultra Mag for long range work (500-600 yards MAX)and feel that the Sightron might fill the bill. I've checked around some other forums and they've only said that the Sightron scopes are not crystal clear like the Leupolds. However they admitted that the older models they were using had only 4 layers of multi-coating. According to Sightron's website, the Series II Mil-dot 6-24 X is Fully Multi-Coated, so the problem may have been solved. I didn't forego the Bushnell Elite Series - people have been talking them up pretty well except these scopes have the limitations you mentioned and I think I'd really use the mil-dot reticle offered in the Sightron and other scopes. Honestly though, I don't know how critical mil-dots might be needed in hunting applications. It was my reasoning that if an animal was nearly out of sight, the mil-dots may help me calculate a well-practiced shot more quickly than the use of my rangefinder and target turrets. Any thoughts?

Input is always appreciated!
Thank you all for your input!

I'm starting to re-think my choices even more, now that I've heard some of your feedback. I will probably drop the Sightron pursuit. Seems like a decent scope but for the money, better ones can be had. At least that is the concensus I've heard from this and other forums.

My favorite scopes have always been Leupold but I wanted to try something different this time. Bushnell Elite Series scopes have definitely been in my eye. I must admit that I've been hesitant to try one. I've seen more than one cheap model Bushnell scope break or fall apart. Yet, you can get that with any cheapie scope. I thought about trying something different and save a few bucks but a LR rig is definitely not the rig to try it on. Probably just wait and research some more. Though for the moment, Bushnell Elite is my top choice.

Any suggestions, please pass them on!

Good shooting!
I would also encourage you to check the Nikon Monarch. It will meet or exceed your needs for a long distant scope.
I believe Boyd Heaton uses one.
Wonderful customer service as well...sakofan.
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