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Sep 13, 2007
I have a Zeiss Conquest 6.5X20 on my 22-250 right now. I am moving this scope over to a 300 WSM for a position deer rifle for longer shots. So I am in need of a new scope for my 22-250.

This is strictly a ground hog rifle. With shots out to 800 yards. But most shooting is in the 300-500 yard range. It is a rifle that RHYS built for me with a heavy 28" Krieger 1in8 barrel. And it shoots the 75 grain A-Max bullets into tiny little groups.

I decided about 7 months ago that I wanted to buy my first NF scope. I wanted to buy a NF 8X32 BR scope. So I started saving my money. Today I put the last of the funds needed to buy the scope in the envelope. I now have $1300 saved up for my new scope.
Now the dilemma. I am pretty sure I want to stay with the power range of 8X32. However I have not completely ruled out a 6X24. But I do believe an 8X32 is what I want.

I have also been looking at the SIII Sightron in 8X32. From everything I can find out about the Sightron it is suppose to track as well as the NF scope. Not as rugged as the NF, but rugged is not a requirement for me and the way I groundhog hunt.

Is the NF worth the extra amount of money over the SIII??

What is most important to me is the ability of the scope to track perfectly. Is the Sightron capable of doing that as well as the NF BR scope??
Two of the reasons I am backing off the NF is that the adjustments are 1/8" and I would prefer 1/4". And the NF does not have as much internal adjustment as the Sightron?? What do you guys think??

I have also thought about the 8.5X25 Leupold VX-3 Long Range scope. Supposedly the new erector in the VX-3's are suppose to be substantially better than the old VXIII's---any one have first hand experience with that statement?? And the Leupold is US made?? Thanks guys, Tom.


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Dec 4, 2008
East Central SD
I have both a NightForce BR 8-32x and a Sightron SIII 8-32x. I think the SIII is an amazing value for the dollar....the glass is close to the NF. However, I really like the 1/8 clicks for precise long range work with the NF. With good data...and that fine of adjustments...the scope is right on. One caution....you can get really messed up if you don't pay attention...because of all the clicks involved at times. Even though the BR is supposed to be a bench scope...it is very robust....more so than the SIII...but you're paying more as well. As far as the amount of adjustment available....I haven't had a problem with the NF...I use 20 m.o.a. bases on my rigs...and the longest shot with this scope so far was 850 yards taking a prarie dog that was laying on his mound.

I can't speak directly about the Leupold's. It's been a couple of years since I owned one.....my last one was a VX-7 and it seemed like a good scope....just not what I needed...but I won the thing. I believe the Leupold's use Japanese sourced glass...just like NF and Sightron. The NF is assembled in the U.S. I'm not sure all of the Leupold's are....I'm thinking in terms of their cheaper ones.

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Feb 19, 2004
there used to be a very in depth comparison of the 2 scopes you're looking at on 6mmbr.com. the way i remember it was the Sightron beat the Nightforce in more categories than it didn't.


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May 29, 2005
I have had a VX3 since June 2004 with Mark 4 turrets. No problems the scopes bomb proof. If you can stretch a bit further the variable Mark 4's are far better optically and best of the three mentioned.
Believe all Leupolds are made and assembled in US, all but the Mark 4's use Jap glass.

Personally speaking had a look through a couple of S3 Sightrons and didnt think much of the glass. It was bright granted but expected a lot better for the money.
NF NXS very similar in optical quality with better build.

Alternatively save up for a March.

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