Long Range Load For The .22/250 ?


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Feb 17, 2002
Scotland U.K.
Hi, greetings from Sctoland,

I am quite new to long range varmint shooting. I shoot a Winchester Mod70 Heavy Varmint in .22/250 and with home loaded ammo I can achieve 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups @ 100yards.

I use a 50gr V-MAX and 36.3gr of Varget for around 3800fps.

Here in the U.K. I normally shoot small pests such as rabbits and crows.

I am currently finding it difficult to connect regulary over 250-300 yards.

Could anyone please advise me on how to improve my performance, should I use a heavier bullet or try to increase velocity ?

Is this calibre really capable of consistant kills on small pests over 300 yards ?

I would be very grateful for any help on this subject ?

Thanks for any replies in advance,



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May 9, 2001
I shoot the 55 grain V-Max pushed by 36 grains of IMR 4064 for 3,680 feet per second.
It is very effective and accurate up to 300 yards. It is certainly capable of killing any small varmint much further than that. The problem is that with the standard factory twist (mine is 14) and the lighter bullets, the wind really comes into play beyond 300. I can shoot 1 inch groupd at 300 but miss a woodchuck at 400. It just won't group beyond 3 or 350. Yours maybe better than mine but a faster twist and heaver VLD type bullet really helps.
The V-Max seem to be very accurate in my rifles and explosive on varmints.

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
It is not likely your bullet that needs improvement. I have shot many groundhogs out to 450 yards with the 22-250 in a Rem 40x rifle. Although I prefer the 52gr match bullets and the Nosler 55gr Ballistic Tip bullets, the 50 gr VMAX also works well at the distances that you are shooting.
In all likelihood, group size @ 350yds or reading the wind at that distance is what is giving you the problem connecting.
On a calm day, try placing a target at 350yds and check your groups. If accuracy is acceptable then learning to read and compensate for the wind will greatly increase your kill ratio.
For most precision and/or longrange shooters, the wind is often all the difference in the world.


Scope might be a consideration to,can you see clearly at 400yards.My Ruger vt in 223 40gvmax does a fair job out to 350 & has a kill @ 765(no wind at all).The leuopold 6x20 fine dot realy helps.
This was last years varmint gun,Ruger 22-250 8 twist throated for 75Amax.500yards on prairie dogs no problem=CJ
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