Long range lefthanded rifle build!!


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Sep 23, 2012
Im new to the game of building my own rifle and I am trying to find some parts and peices. My biggest problem so far is that I am lefthanded.

My primary use for it will be hunting deer and antalope, I would like to be able to shoot out to 500 yrds!

Right now I am stuck between the 1) Savage predator hunter max 1 chambered in a 6.5x284 norma and 2) Rem model 700 cdl chambered in a 7 mag. I am leaning more toward the savage.

I am also looking for someone that makes a stock to fit the savage that looks similar to the mcmillan adj3-5 but i dont know if they make one to fit that model!

Thanks for your help and time!
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