long range hunting paradise

Cover that in pine trees and high mountain parks and you have some of the stuff I hunt but filled with elk, deer, and bear.
That definitely looks good for the longrange hunting, what kind of animal density does that kinda area have? Looks dryer than a popcorn fart in July there. What's the elevation?
there is about 37000 male İBEX. in that area you see!!! lots of wolves. bear and wild boar. the elevation is 6000 feet plus.
cover that with pine trees and you wont see any animals to shoot at long range mate!
Nice hunting spot, specially for the fact that you can hunt Ibex there.
My long range hunting spots, are Andes Mountains, altitude 11000 to 14000 feet, whitetails, cougar, lobo de paramo, bear and tapir.
Hope you like the pictures, on the contrary very humid, very high.

Long range sure opens up an area and give you a different way of looking at an areas hunting opportunities.
Turkey sure looks good, I really didn't expect that kind of density. I'm running from 5000ft to around 9000ft elevation in my hunting areas right on the continental divide.The elk come out of the timber into high mountain meadows in the morning and evening, I'm getting old trails re-established so I can get into them with LRH gear and get elk out. Spring bear is next up!
Have any pics of some of the game?
verry nice photos guys. great spots for long shots. looks like a peace of heaven. l have a few more pics but need my cousin here to help me get them on here:).
You guys sure have some very nice spots. Since your showing yours I'll show you one of mine. We often refer to this spot as Viagra View and Hard On Hill :D


The top of the ridge behind the lake reaches out 1100 yards, the lake is 650 yards long.

Here is a Mtn goat at 1240yards.

Here is a viewpoint / shooting spot

And the view
This thread keeps getting better and better!!!
Awesome pictures guys, real nice hunting spots all of them.
I hope the are much more responses to these thread with lots of pictures.
With those pics that Jeff 300 posted I might have to take some Lavitra before I go hunting next time. That is down right awesome. Wish I could visit it in person.
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