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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
This is the 800 yard line and every one is getting set up.

What we see here is everyone getting set up at the 800 yard line. People will set the dials on their scopes and get the rifle lined up and the rear bags set and the bipod height set. You can notice the berm which allows you to move back and forward and get the rifle at different heights. You will notice a variety of methods of spotting. Some people use a stool and spotting scope. Some people prefer to spot standing and some prefer to just lay on the ground and use their rifle scope.

We might know who the two shooters in the foreground are if we have been reading the articles about other types of long range competition. We might also know who the guy is with the white beard. :D

There are wind flags at the targets which are not always representative of the actual winds. The target lanes are numbered to help the feeble minded keep track of which one is theirs.

Each month I try to teach her something new and the month previous I taught her to set up the rifle and go first. This month she knows what to do and preps it on her own.

YouTube - F-Class Prep

Time to shoot. You will notice in this sequence the bipod feet are free on the mat and can slide. That will change. Also notice that she will stay on the rifle a long time after the shot before she moves her head. This is good follow through. She preps the rifle and gets every thing ready and then when she is happy she closes the bolt and will fire in under 5 seconds. If you watch her head you will see her move to get the proper stock weld . A deer or antelope simply has no chance when she closes the bolt. The animal is dead before the trigger is ever pulled! The rifle likes to walk away from you when not dug in and she has to crawl forward to keep up with it and then that causes misalignment which has to be corrected.

Phil is there keeping score for her using the Kowa.

Some fool has left his coffee cup just laying around to be knocked over and then he will be mad to have to walk all the way back to the truck to get more.

YouTube - F-class

Here she is at 900 yards. She has gotten tired of chasing the rifle and has dug in the bipods!! Over her head is a SSG brake made by 308Nate!!! That rifle won the unlimited class that day. On her rifle is a Shawn Carlock cheek piece and she will place second in F/TR. The trigger is by Eddie Harren. Last month the Clay Spencer bushing fell out of the bolt face during a match and the rifle spent a week with Eddie again. It seems to like to go see Eddie once a year.

You can see why she shoots so well. She really makes sure everything is just right before she closes the bolt and fires. The recoil of a 308 will get tiresome after about 60 rounds.

All the talking is another pair of shooters. They are having trouble getting bullets to land on the target.

YouTube - F-class 900 yds

Phil at 900 yards. He is allowing the bipod to slide but he is strong enough and willing to pull the rifle around as he wants it. Sometimes the bullet does funny things when Dad is responsible for reloading. I must have not put enough powder in the case or something!!! You would think that after all these years I would have managed to figure out how to reload a case.

You will also notice that Cynthia has no hesitation to tell her younger brother just what to do. Actually, if you do not get the round fired before the chamber heats up the powder your bullet will land high. So it is best to just unload a hot round and insert a cool one and let the hot one cool down.

YouTube - F-class --- What Happened????

Here is Phil at 1K. You will notice he chambers a round but for some reason he doesn’t shoot and after a while he removes it and gets a cool round and chambers it. He has the bipods on the mat and lets them slide. He has also lowered the cheekpiece and is trying to shoot with a really low stock weld. While I do not like what he is doing, I do not force them to shoot any particular way. They do as they please.

You can hear people talking about their new wildcat cartridge. :D

YouTube - 000141


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Mar 10, 2006
Good job teaching the kids Buffalobob!! Both of them seem to be right at home out there. Thanks for posting these vids.


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Mar 10, 2006
i was just wondering where you all are shooting at. Im in Frederick and would like to come and watch and learn at something like this.
Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia. Easy run for you, and we have a match coming up on the 3rd of May.

The range entrance most convenient to us is from Exit 148 off I-95 south of DC. Sign in is at 0830 at Range 4. Match fees are $36/shooter.

I'll be down there and if you want to shoot, I'll help you get started in any way I can. If you want to call Rory at USArmorment.Com ( .308 (7.62x51) : US Armorment ) and order some FGMM 175s or some M118LR, he can usually get them to you within a day or two and I have a .308 with a 3.5-15x50 NightForce that you can shoot if you need a loaner, as well as the associated equipment like bipod, rear bag, mat, etc.. Just tell Rory you're shooting the match with me at Quantico and make sure he has what you need in stock.

There are plenty other places to get ammo on line as well, but you'll need FGMM 175s, M118LR, Black Hills 175s or possibly Hornady 168 A-Max ammo to be sure of your long range performance in the .308. Fulton Armory often has the 168 A-Max in stock, and it will make 1k OK, but I don't know how well it shoots through my rifle.

There is a thread over at MDShooters where we are taking a rough census of participants so we know how many pullers to put on: Quantico 5th Modified F-Class match May3rd - Maryland Shooters

If you poke around the "Competitive Shooting" forum, there is much discussion of past matches at Quantico, as well as information on other events local to you/us, such as the Mayberry tactical/precision match this weekend. Competitive Shooting - Maryland Shooters

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