long range deer


Nov 26, 2009
Hello I am 13 years old and i got my second long range deer this PA hunting season at yobuck hunting camp. It was a 3 pointer at 500 yards i got it in one shot and it went all the way down to the road easy drag. Hope you guys had good luck to.
joe's been coming to camp for about 5 years now. he was always beyond his years in the outdoors. unfortunatly, not many young guys are interested in those things anymore. he takes more than his share of ribbing, but he's learning to give back. he's been smashing rocks with his grandfathers old 22 250 since he got here. now he's got his own 7mag sendero and does real well with it. last year he got his first buck with his uncle yobuckbobs 30x378 heavy bench gun. that one was 850 yds. this one, although closer was off a bipod, and only took 1 shot. next year we will set higher standards for him. no more easy stuff.
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