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I am going to rebarrel my 243AI, and I want a good long range deer rifle and a quality ground hog rifle.Is there something better that the 243AI considering that I already have the Wilson Dies for the 243AI. I have been considering the 6.5MM- 284, 260 AI, 6MM AI,or the 6.5x55 swed. I really don't enjoy a lot of recoil and I like a short action rifle. Thanks for your input.null
that was going to be my question -how long for deer?w/o your answer i would have to say the 6.5-284,i wouldnt hesitate to take deer with mine at 800 yds providing the conditions were right.for groundhogs i would have to say-how many minutes of elevation do u have?-my 2-dave
I've killed deer at over 500 yards with a standard 243 Win and routinely kill them at over 400 yards with the 243 Win. I'd leave it unless you want to be in the 600 yards and further area for deer. (Groundhogs are in trouble as long as they're visible... no distance limitations.)

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If you have the 243 AI now.. the only thing I would change is the twist... make sure you have a fast twist to handle heavy bullets...

If you just feel like a change in calibers.. 6.5-284!
We just took 2 deer this week with my 6.5x284 shooting 140g AMAX. The first was at 530 yards, the second at 680 yards. Both walked about 20 to 30 feet and fell over dead. I've got enough elevation to shoot chucks to over 1200 yards with std 30mm rings and bases. This gun used to be a 243, wouldn't go back now.

In Va. can you honestly say you will shoot a bunch over 500 if so .. look at the 6.5/284.. if not I shoot a 6mmAI with 105 Bergers at 3200 that have a bunch of enrergy at 1K.. the 243 or the 243AI won't be that far behind and the 107 and 105's just may be the ticket for you....

just look at the ballistics for a 107 SMK and a 105 Berger at an average of 3150...

the 107's have a drop of 137" at 800 yards and 800 ft lbs... thats enough for a whitetail! Way more than enought for a g-hog....

but like I said if you just need a change of caliber.. go for the 6.5-284

but if you don't want the recoil.. I'd stay where you are just a longer barrel ( 30" ) and a fast twist!
500 yards would the max. that I would attempt at this time. I don't have a problem with the 243AI caliber I am going to purchased a new barrel, and I want the best caliber that I can get for my needs.

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H&F,Just a thought, how about the 25wssm? It a short action preforms like a 25-06rem or better out preforms the 243ackley and still has anuff at 500-600yds to work on deer. Outlaw.
You already have a good set of dies and knowledge with the 243AI I'd stay with that.

\Get a new barrel say 28" or so 1-8 twist with a tight neck and you should have all the gun you'll ever need for deer out to at least 700yds if you shoot the A-max or Berger VLD's.

and considering that the BC of the 105gr Berger is .565 it should shoot plenty flat enough for deer to 500yds with little scope adjustment.
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