Long Range Bulls down - 1/8/21 (yes, 2021)!


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Jul 1, 2013
northwest florida
Drew a Limited Entry, Late Season bull elk tag in Southwest Wyoming with hunt dates of 12/1/20 through 1/31/21.......yes, a bull tag that extends into 2021.......so cool. Did a bunch of research to find this cool tag that can be drawn with 4-5 points as a non-resident. Many Utah bulls in NE Utah winter in this area, not to mention multiple WY herds that are thriving. I’m an impatient hunter (need to work on that), but still managed to look at 50+ bulls and 700 cows in 2 full days before getting the itch and finding this cool younger 7x7.....very unique with 1” devil points on each eye guard. My brother killed a stud 6x6.....much bigger than mine, but I am a character bull guy, and couldn’t pass this bull up. Shot at 550 yards with my 7mm Sherman Max. During heavy snow years (not this year), you have a legit opportunity at a 320-340” bull. During light snow year, 300-320” is real possibility (brother killed 315”). If you have 4-5 WY points (as a non-res) and seeking to hunt with an excellent, LR-friendly outfitter, I highly suggest calling Dustin at Big Rack Outfitters. My shot was 550 yards, and Brothers was 500, which is very common in this country. Saw a lot of big muley’s too. Excellent, 5-star outfitter.

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I am sitting on 10 points and man I am ready to go. Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of late season draw in Wy.




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