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Apr 23, 2009
Clinton, MS
I am going to build a long range 30 caliber rifle, and after much deliberation, I have narrowed my decisions down to about 3 calibers. I need a little bit of input from some of y'all gurus, with a little pros and cons on each one.

30 STW/30-8mm Rem Mag

30-378 Weatherby Mag

30-416 Rigby

Also where overbore is concerned, where do each of these guns fit in?

Thanks for the input
First off your decision, but I do not see the advantage in any of your choices.

All require custom reamers, custom dies, and two require custom larger actions probably. 416 Brass is not cheap or easy to find in many cases.

All of them are "odd" choices to say the least IMO. ie, not common and no perceived advantage vs expense and difficulty.

Why not the 300 RUM instead of 30 STW/8mm Mag?

Of the 3 you posted, if you can find the weatherby action, the 30-378 would be easiest I guess my most favored.

For the flattest 30 cal, I would look at 30-338 Lapua or 30-338 Norma (standard long action for the Norma). Here is a link on the 338 Norma


For the flat 30, it has to be set up for the 240 SMK with 1-10 twist and 30"-34" barrels.

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I have to agree with BountyHunter...although it doesn't happen often.

What do you consider "long range".

I have a .30-.416 Improved set up to shoot he 240 SMK. It shoots them rather well at ranges out to one mile. A few of the drawbacks with this chambering is the time required to make the brass, the cost of the custom dies, and the brass at about $3.00 each.

If you are shooting at ranges around 1,200 yards and under, any variation of the .30 cal mags will work fine.
I second both of these guys. I believe that the 30-378 more or less made the 30-416 Rigby obsolete.

I would change your list to:

300 RUM

30-378 Weatherby

30-338 Lapua Imp

To me it comes down to the RUM and the Lapua chamberings. The weatherby chambering brass is too expensive and too soft. JMHO. The 300RUM is the easiest and least expensive to run. The 30-338 Lapua Imp gives you the better brass and a little edge in performance.

Good luck, and enjoy which ever rifle you build.

I have worked with all three of those and agree with all. The 300 wby is a better choice than necking the 8mm rem mag. 30-378 is great and easy since it is a standard cartridge, but barrel life suffers. 30-416 IMP is quite a bit of trouble to get about the same performance as the 30-378. Once the 300 ultramag came out I just started leaning that way because it is not that far behind the big boys in performance and a standard cartridge making it much cheaper and easier to reload. If you don't mind the pricey wby brass though and have a MK 5 action to play with the 30-378 is at the top of the big 30 league for a standard cartridge. I built a 30-338 Lapua imp back when the Lapua first came out and liked the fact I could seat long, heavy bullets way out there with the shorter lapua case. I never could quite reach the velocities of my 30-378 with it though. But not much difference.

Joel, I get my 416 brass at Graffs and it is cheaper than the wby brass by quite a bit. Cheapest I found unless you have a particular brand you shoot. I also shoot the 338-416 IMP.
Long Time Long Ranger;336602 Joel said:
I use Norma brass. Just checked with Graf's, they are still about $3.00 a case.
I have a few hundred new pieces that I have to use up before I buy more.
Thanks for the heads up.
I appreciate everyone input so far, y'all have enlightened me on alot. What I am trying to acheive is a .30 gun that will accurately shoot a 180 gr bullet at around 3400 fps., for long range shooting/hunting (meaning a 1000 yd ) . Initially I wanted a wildcat, for a custom build (which is why I chose what I did), but I am beginning to think that down the road, other calibers may be easier to deal with because of component availability. I am basing it off of a Rem 700 Magnum Long Action.

That being said, let me hear some of y'alls suggestions.
300 Rum with a 28 inch tube will get velocities you desire. Mine is in the 3400's with 190vld's and 98.5grs of Retumbo. Very accurate combo for my setup.
Your getting some excellent advice from these guys. My first choice would be 300rum, it will do what you've described you want to do and with ease of reloading and at a reasonable price.
I agree with the unanimous choice here. The 300 ultramag is extremely accurate and is perfect for your action. My accuracy loads with the 180 grain bullet are in the 3450 fps range. It is a 28" Hart barrel 300 ultramag. It shoots the 200-210's just over 3200 fps except for one mistake on an Alaskan caribou that I conservatively guessed 3250 fps. It was a 208 Amax that was supposed to be pulled but got shot through a caribou. Lucky I didn't blow my friend up.
Man, the members on this site are a wealth of info, thanks for everything so far everyone.

On to my next question, what would be the advantages of maybe going up to a .338 RUM, vs the 300 RUM if any?

As far as barrel life from the two, how would that differ, and what could I expect?

Would a 3 groove barrel be better than a 6 groove? If so would it affect accuracy?
I'm sure there are others that may offer some benefits going to a 338rum...I have nothing against it just not that big a fan. before I'd go with a 338rum I'd consider 338AX or 338 Edge.

As far as barrel life the 300 rum about a 1000 if you don't overheat and clean properly. The 338 rum will not burn out as fast again don't overheat and clean.

There's other here who could speak to number of grooves far better than I...hopefully they'll comment. Personally I prefer 3 grooves as I haven't been convinced by anything I've seen that says 6 grooves is better and IMHO I think most folks here go with 3 grooves.
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