Log Book for Long Range shooting


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Mar 15, 2002
Tulsa Oklahoma
I was at a shoot last week and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY had the log book from U.S. Tactical supply. I have their number and web site someplace, if I can find it I'll post it for you.
The log book pages I made up are basic information that most people will want for day to day use. The Tactical Supply log book has a lot of stuff that I personally have no use for.
Additionally, when you print out your own you can put them in a notebook format and simply keep an indexed area for each rifle, presuming you have several as well as keeping the desired information right at the front rather than having a few filled in pages followed by a lot of unused pages.

The reason I made up log book pages was to print out and pass out at the local rifle tactical matches. It allows the competitors to have a history of how they zero the rifle for all the different segments. Till I did that, most people were waking up in a whole new world each month.
I am not even attempting to say that the few pages I worked up are equal to the high quality Tactical shooting books.....BUT....the pages I made up are what most shooters will find useful 90% of the time. For people who do specific things such as varmint hunting or for general use at the range it suffices.

If you look over the spectrum of the pages I have uploaded there are some for reloading records. Those can be combined with the target blanks to keep an accurate assessment of reloading history as well as load testing all in one place. Much easier to keep track that way rather than having several books to cross reference. When I shoot in a target or Tactical match, those specific pages get put in my rifle notebook and I have an entire shooting history for any of my rifles which cover the whole spectrum.
For a novice or civilian shooter shooting long rang, what fields are most important and would constitute a good log book?

Temp, wind, light conditions, zero, cold shot, etc..

I would like to make up my own, simplyfied log book.
Here is a link where you can download and print out a rifle data book, also called a Tactical Shooting Data Book, which is really valuable to give real world data on individual rifles.
http://www.long-range.com/forums/index.php?showfo rum=61

AS a secondary point of interest, there are also target shooting data book pages which can be downloaded.

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