Lodging Casper and Alcova Area


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Dec 1, 2009
East Tennessee
Anyone got any advice on some reasonable priced lodging in the Casper, Alcova areas of Wyoming. Seems to be nothing on the computer less than $100 a night, to much for a long stay for me.
We stayed at a Motel 6 for way less than that, this past season. If you stay for the week it goes down to $45.00 a night or so if I remember correctly. You can stay at some of the campsite's that have some small cabin's, it was $44.00 a night in 08.
if you mapquest casper there is a thing that let's you pull up (clic on) all the lodging in the area
It depends on how long and when. They have put up 3 big new motels in the area in the last couple of years that have the lower end local motels giveing some good deals. The oil and coal industry have rooms booked all the time ...It just depends on if they are useing them at the time .Right now most motels have emty parking lots!!
There are these people. They are not rich and they are not getting rich but they are nice people. I buy ice and gas there. I have never been in one of the cabins so I do not know any more about it.

Sloanes General Store, LLC and The Inn at Alcova in Alcova Wyoming

And a place I have never been to but know where it is.

Lodge - Wyoming Trophy Trout Fly Fishing North Platte Lodge alcova wyoming wy

And there is one more place I believe it is called Sunset Grill but that might not be right.

And finally there is the campground!


Fresh trout is pretty tasty after a long day of skinning antelope.


When I fish the gray reef area, we usually stay at the Sunset bar & grill on Hwy 220 (307)472-3200. Their rates seem reasonable and the rooms are nice and clean. I'm sure the lodges in the area are also nice.

You can also camp along the river in a few spots, or down on BLM land below government bridge. If you are going to fish on the GR section, beware that you can only keep one fish over 20"/day, and I've been checked by Fish&Game 3 times up there (I never keep any trout from this area, but many people do, which is one reason the fishing has really gone down hill over the last 7 years).

Here is a helpful BLM map of the area http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/media...creation.Par.46080.File.dat/NoPlatteGuide.pdf
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