Local smith or Bbl manufacturer

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Which is best to build a rifle: 1)to order a barrel from a manufacturer(hart, lilja, whatever), and a stock from a stock manufacturer(Mcmillan, HS precision, whatver), and giving the stuff and the original action to a local gunsmith true and lap action, install, chamber, and crown barrel, and bed the stock; 2) Oder the stock and send the original action and the stock to a barrel manufacturer like hart or pac nor and having them install the barrel and lap and true the action, and bed the stock; or 3) haveing a local gunsmith provide the barrel blank and stock and having him turn chamber and install the barrel and lap and true the action, and bed the stock?

    I'm thinking either one or two would be best since its the same parts only the gunsmith doesnt have to charge you more for the parts than if you bought them from the manufacturers to make money on them.

    Which of these would be the cheapest, and which would be the best work? Is the more expensive of the options enough better to make the extra money worth it?

    I know what it cost to send it to a barrel manufacturer(hart:540 for rebarrel, pac nor: 420 for rebarrel, both pretty much under 100 for bedding), but what do small local gunsmiths usually charge to lap and true action, install the barrel that you provide(order from hart or whoever for less than 300), and to bed the stock that you provide?

    I like the idea of one company supplying the barrel and doing the work on it, it semms like they would be more likely to stand behind thier work and product and maybe do a better job, but i aslo like the idea of face to face interaction with the guy thats doing the work and it seems like alocal guy might be mor meticulous. Which have yall found to be true and what do yall usually do?

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    Feb 28, 2004
    i asked the same question yesterday, possibly on this forum or 24 hour campfire, and got the reply of face to face being a good way to go. part of that is the guy to do face to face with builds br guns and super accurate hunting rifles. his prices are about what it would cost to ship both ways to hart and have them do the work.

    one idea i have had is how tight are the threads on the bbl and how much care is in the bbl makers process? i expect they do a lot of work. i guess it can be argued both ways for everybody envolved.