Loads for 308win 180gr Accubond?


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Nov 4, 2003
South central Montana
I have a short barrel(20")Remington 700. I'm trying to put together an accurate load for med long range deer and elk.Anyone have any favorite loads using H4895, Varget or IMR4064 ?

The best i can get out of a factory load is using Federal Premium 180gr Nosler Partition High Energy, I chrony'd these at 2740fps

In my 308's I try not to shoot anything heavier than the 175gr MatchKings and that is at targets. For larger tough critters I realy like the 165gr Nosler Partition out of my 308 Encore with a 15" barrel. The shorter barrels seem to like the lighter bullets in the 308 due to the case capacity.
My pet load is a 165gr bullet with a case full of IMR-4064 (45gr) , this gives the best ballance of velocity and accuracy , but my best accuracy comes from 48grs of H-4350
but it is about 200fps slower.
>>The best i can get out of a factory load >>is using Federal Premium 180gr Nosler >>Partition High Energy, I chrony'd these at >>2740fps.

You're getting 2740 fps from a .308 Win with 20 inch barrel, using 180 grain bullets? That is really exceptional velocity from that combo. How is the target grouping?

Lee Carkenord
H-4350 is likely to be a better choice for 180 grain bullets in a .308 if you are using non military brass. Winchester brass or something with equivilant or greater internal volume will work best with this powder, and your best load will most likely be slightly compressed.

More velocity, less pressure, and outstanding accuracy.

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I agree w/ JD. I would not use 308's at long range for elk. Yes you can kill an elk but the chances of a horribly wounded animal are very high. The elk deserve more respect than stunt shooting. That being said, deer are considerably smaller and easier to kill. A 308 is no prob at long range with the right bullet/weight combo.

Last year I killed my deer at long range using a 175 gr MK. in a 308. My partner was laying beside me with his Lilja bbl'd 300 win, in case anything went wrong. I had lasered the deer, consulted my come up chart, figured my cosign angle and put the round right below his ear, which was exactly where I was aiming. No problem, just LOTS of preparation.

Happy hunting.
Lee, Best group we can get from these have been 1.5 to 2"

IdahoWoodsbummer, I should have worded it a bit differant. I would consider 300 yards maximum with 308 win on Elk, we never usually have to shoot over 100 yards. I tend to want to find one all purpose load for each gun. A round that will put an Elk down and the same round that will be accurate for Antelope at longer ranges.

We just got back from Antelope hunting and 2 bucks with 2 shots. My son got the bigger 16" buck with the 308win using the 180gr Federal Nosler Partition HE, and I got the smaller with the 300wm using 200gr Accubond handloads. I'll try to post a picture.

Thanks for your input
Just to get things strait , I'm the same JDJones that posted above as JDJones75 but something happened

Anyway , I diden't say that I woulden't shoot Elk at long range with the 308 just not with the 180 bullets , if the angle was right I would shoot an Elk at 500yds with a 308 and a 165gr Nosler Partiton.

Chris Matthews , haven't see you around here lately , glad to se your back
Nice pics, Good job. Speed goats are a hoot. Not a prob reference the wording poorly. I tend to do the same every now and then myself. I post something and then go back and look at it and think oops thats not quite what I meant.

I hunt elk quite a bit. There are lots of them here in Idaho. I usually prefer a heavier caliber. .308s will certainly do the job but they are less than ideal at longer ranges. Funny thing though, through the years I have killed more elk with a 270 and 150 Nosler Partitions than anything else. Go figure.

I just feel sick when I see an elk that has been poorly shot by someone. One badly wounded cow I put down had a huge hole in her front quarter. Looked like she had been hit with a varmint bullet. Bullet never made it to the shoulder bones.

I prefer a heavy constructed bullet in a 7mm mag/ 300 win class, minimum, for long range elk.
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