Loading a .308?


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
What is the best loads and powder that you use.
Just playing around for the .308 I have been using DUPONT IMR4067 and I have had good luck
But I need to start with some othe loads and I will be buying about 5 diferent powders, I have used Benchmark,vargut, and a bunch more.Mostly Hodgdon's
What rifle are you using and what is your purpose? Shooting paper, short range, long range, hunting? A 308 is probably one of the easiest to load for. They will usually shoot just about anything you want. I use Lapua brass, Varget, CCI250, 155 Scenars, 168Amax, 155NAB.
I meant Dupont IMR4064.
I realy like my .308 its killed a few deer without any problems..I love Accuracy..I know a rifle can shoot better than me,I just need the Marage of the three..the shooter, the load, the calibre.
If you have one lets talk.
you never said what the twist was.but for me I like a 168g/175g smk.and 42g-45g of varget/IMR4064.brass is something that I haven't made my mind up on yet.use remington and lapua.both gave me good results.and all of my loads are with CCI primers,BR-2 or 200.my COAL is at SAAMI specs 2.800.but your rifel may not like them that close.try 43g of 4064 with a 168g bullet and 45g of varget.these are the two I use.all so 44g of varget with a 175g bullet.even R15 works good,but I can not remember any of my info at the moment.hope this gives ya an idea of what to do.
My gun likes 4895 and varget, I get 9 fps for a spread with varget so that is what I am using right now my 1in12 liked 175 smk alot but I am hunting with 178 a-maxs they shoot great to my load is 45.4 grains of varget, this over max so start lower and work up, I stopped here but there is still no pressure signs, I am getting 2740 fps with the a-maxs out of the 26 inch tube. gun)
Good info on 6mmbr website. A couple of loads listed show 43 Varget for 175 SMK and either a BR2 or FED 210. I followed those recipes and use 43 gr Varget, Lapua brass, FED 210, 175 gr SMK "on the lands". Chrony shows 2600 fps out of a 22" 1:11 Pac-Nor barrel. Smallest group was .196". Average groups are just under 1/2".
if this helps.it may be a 1:12 twist.2009 cat. shows that rifel in a 1:12.but you can take a cleaning rod and brass brush to get the twist.run it in all the way,then pull it back to just start it.then put a mark that can be seen at the action were the bolt goes in and pull it makeing 1 complete turn.now make another mark and measure the two marks.you may not get it on the money but you can get a close idea.lightbulb
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