Load Pressure

Friend of mine in Colorado has & uses the RSI Pressure Trace.

You can get more of the sensors if wanted/needed. These glue on to the barrel above the chamber. Instructions are included for placement.

Does really good at graphing out the pressures.
Was really surprised at the pressure spikes you can get with low charges!!

Real eye opener!!
I'm interested in the RSI Pressure Trace. I'm especially interested in profiling Pressure curves of loads for 30-06 & 450 Bushmaster with Hammer bullets charted against muzzle velocity. If I get set up, I'll start feeding back data to the group.
The pressure trace stuff is useful, but a lot of people don't know and should that it still does not provide actual pressure (which comes from test barrels) for YOUR barrel. But you can cross validate with other sources, and see relatively what's going on in your barrel.
That will help you steer clear of load 'problems'.
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It does provide pressures for your barrel, that's what strain gauges do...

The problems are always, that no one actually reads without looking for what they already want to believe; and they love getting lazy.

Wanna know where to put the gauge? Read the SAAMI spec on gauge location, it's freely published.... Wanna know what your specific chamber dimensions are, for the set up and calibration? Cast the chamber.
Wanna know what your brass thickness is, for gauge calibration? Section a piece.
Need to know what pressure your calibration shots are? Buy the reference ammo, SAAMI also lists this info...

Folks think a $20 pair of harbor freight calipers, are a precision measuring device; they are not. Folks think XX brand of factory ammo is loaded to A specific singular pressure, it is not.

Do the setup and calibration properly, and you're within tens to hundreds of Psi resolution. Start taking the lazy way, and you'll quickly be within thousands to tens of thousands of psi resolution.
Which is still better than an estimation program based on fixed volume bomb testing, but....