Load powder ,speed question


Aug 3, 2002
A buddie and I built identical rifles excepth.
His has a 23'' barrel and mine has a 26
He found a good load and I tried it in my rifle.
Both rifles crony the same volicty.
I am going to try more power but limited as it is with in 1.0 gr of being a compressed load.
Question is.
Also want to try another powder.
Do I need to go to a faster or slower powder to gain move volictiy?
I went with a longer barrel to go a little faster.
Thanks for your replys!
You didn't state what cartridge/bullet/powder/charge_weight /seating depth you're using now and the velocity you're getting. The variables between powders aren't just burn rate. There is also energy density and the rate power burning changes with time and pressure.. You can consult lots of load books for high velocity loads or use a computer simulator like Quickload to predict the performance of various component combinations.
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