Load dev. with155 Scenars for Designated Maksman Match


Mar 15, 2015
I am getting ready for my first Designated Marksman Match. I have been told to expect 2MOA steel targets between 50 and 650 yards from field positions. It is a time plus penalties scoring sytem. One visible hit on steel scores. I intend to use Lapua Scenars for the match but I am starting from scratch with them and will need to verify the drop every 50 yards and make a data card. I only have 200 of them and will need 100 for the match.

I will load using a 2 step sizing method to reduce runout. Starting with a Lee collet neck sizer THEN a Redding body die. Hand prime, weigh charges, and seat bullets with a Forster Ultra seating die.

So I have;
-Remington Sendero in .308 Win (.6-.7 MOA with standard RCBS dies and the old 155 PalmaSMKs using Varget)
-PT&G bottom metal with Alpha Type II Magazines (ten round) Allows a max OAL of 2.950"
-200 new Lapua .308 cases
-200 155gr Scenars
-1000 old style 155 Palma MKs
-Plenty of IMR8208xbr
-Plenty of Varget

My questions are about reloading but if you have any other tidbits of wisdom related to shooting, wind, gear, or preparation, PLEASE include them. Here Goes.......

1-Should I full length resize the new brass, load some SMKs using an old recipe, and fireform them while practicing my field position shooting and then develop a Scenar load?..... OR is there a preferred method for working up a minimal runout load with my new brass? I want to use as few of the Scenars as possible in my development.

2-A reliable source has indicated that CFE223 is another good powder choice. Can someone rate the 3 powders in terms of fastest velocity to slowest velocity for a below max load?

3- Which powder would be more appropriate to use? I need to settle on one and develop with it due to the limited supply of Scenars.

4-Given that I can load out to 2.950" what OAL or "base to ogive" length should I consider as a starting point?

5-Is there anything different that you would do?

6- Is anyone scratching their head and asking, "Why doesnt he just use the SMKs, those are big targets." ?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses
Warmest Regards, Joe


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Apr 26, 2006
I really like the 155 Scenar's in my .308. My final load for my rifle was 46.4 grs. Varget. While safe in my rifle Please start lower & work up. Once I found the load I changed nothing but the brand of primers to do the final sorting @ 1,000 yards. Fed. 210's held the best "waterline" for me so that is what used.
Semper Fi


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Feb 27, 2006
according to the hogdon online data CFE gets a little more velocity than the other two. i always load .030 off the lands if the cartridges fit in the magazine.

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