load data from those with cooper 6.5 284


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Sep 20, 2012
aberdeen, sd
hello all i am new to this forum but have been reading posts here for a while. I just purchased a new cooper model 52 excaliber in 6.5 284. for those of you cooper 6.5 owners out there i was wondering what works best for you i have already collected new lapua brass and 140gr berger vld i am open to any powder choice. i can find lots of load data on line but wanted a starting point from guys with the same or similar rifle. thanks for your help. ps waiting for this cooper to arrive is like a kid waiting for christmas, it should be here monday


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Dec 27, 2010
SW Okla.
I have a Cooper model 22 6.5x284 and I'm shooting the Berger 130 VLD hunting bullet. Mine has the 9 twist and Berger recommends a 8 twist for the 140's so that's why I'm shooting the 130's. Started with the straight H4831 and never seen a need to try anything different. It will probably shoot better than I can. I just got my magnetospeed chronograph in but haven't had a chance to test the load yet because of work. I need to be around 3000 fps so the velocity reticle in my nightforce will match up correctly. I started at 50 gr and worked my way up to 53 gr and thats as far as I've got. H4831 or H4350 would be a good place to start. Your going to love that Cooper!