Load data for 300 RUM

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    Does anybody have any data or experience with the 150 gr. Scirocco or the 190 gr. SMK in the 300 RUM ? I have one built with an old but in good condition Kreiger Palma barrel that has a 1 in 13" twist and is 28" long. With 165gr. Hornady BTSP's it will shoot 1/2 moa to 600yds. I am looking for a better constructed bullet for more weight retention. At 300 yds into wet newspapers the Hornadys retained about 40% of its weight, velocity was 3435 fps average. Any and all help is appreciated, Wayne.
  2. eb

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    Jan 11, 2002
    Wayne Wife bought me sendro in 300 ultra for 27th ann., i am breaking in barrel with the left overs of a box of 190 smk. Loaded them with 104 grns hodgdon 870 fed 215 primers. No signs of pressure thus far, and i shoot them 2 weeks ago when temp was in the mid 80s. good luck ebb [​IMG]