Little Quickload Help?


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May 12, 2005
Missoula, MT USA
I am trying to figure out if my math is correct. Could someone help me with this load?

.300 RUM
88 gr. H1000
200 gr. Accubond bc .588
26" barrel, sendero

My best guess is 2899 fps

Does quickload say that I am close?

I am going to buy a chronograph this week because I am sick of not knowing but I am still interested in what quickload has to say. With exceptional accuracy with this load, is it worth keeping? Should I be trying to break the 3K fps barrier with the 200 grain pill? I am going to try Retumbo- if anyone around here ever gets any in stock.
Using the default cartridge OAL Quickload says 2919 FPS. Close enough.
Some additional info that Quickload gives for that load:
Case fii - 97.7%
Peak pressure - 58915 psi
muzzle pressure 11880 psi
That is a lower velocity node I think. You should be able to go up to 92-94g and find the higher velocity node and hit 3200fps with good accuracy.

In my 300 RUM I shot 92g H1000 w/200g AB for 3100fps, great for LR.
Remington, he ain't gonna get 3200fps with a 200gr bullet without ruining brass. Neither will you.
The pressure is too high
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