Little bit of shooting...


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
Finally got out the other day to shoot a few rifles/loads. I was shooting a rem 700 .222 w/55g NBT's. Rem 700 25-06 w/75g VMAX. Rem 700 7 RM w/140g NBT's. Weatherby Vanguard 300 WBY w/200g AB and 210g ULD.

Needed to sight in my triple deuce after putting a synthetic stock on it. It was shooting about 6" low from just swapping the stock, I was surprised to see that much difference. Shot 3 groups and they averaged about .5" for 4 shots each. Using IMR-4198 with the 55g NBT's


Here is also the 3 shot group from my 300 WBY and the 200g AB. Am using 83g IMR-7828 for an average velocity of 3090fps. Not to shabby for a 24" tube...ANother group from the triple deuce. Its pushing the 55g NBT to 3100fps.


Here is also a 3 shot group from my 25-06 and 75g vmax w/57g IMR-4350. It was smoking across my screens at 3900fps. This is one of my dads loads, just shot 3 to see how they'd shoot out of this rifle. Not bad, but a little hot I'd say. The last group for the triple deuce.


Here is the other 75g vmax load w/59g IMR-4831 that I had left from my winchester 25-06. Just to see how theyd shoot out of this one. Not so good, and WAAAAY to hot, 4025fps.


And here is the 3 shot group w/140g NBT and RL-22 @3250fps from my 7 RM. Groups like this are not uncommon (3 shots only), but the norm. I wont say all day long as this seems to get some peoples panties in a wad. Also tested 1 load with 210g ULD from my weatherby with 81g IMR-7828. They were going 3025fps, but with a 3" group, they wont be doing me any good. I knew from the get go they wouldn't shoot for crap because I cant reach the lands with these bullets, and being target bullets, they need to be at or in the lands to shoot worth a hoot. But 3025fps w/210g bullet from a 24" 200 WBY aint to shabby.


So there you have it. My not so successful day of shooting. Did I mention I got rained on the whole time?!
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