Like a hole in the head!

$750 for the barreled action in carbon fiber. It is threaded at the muzzle for a brake or a suppressor.

Be sure to add in a stock. Brownells has several which are listed for the Howa.

Enjoy the search!

If you are itching for a new one, wait a week. If the feeling is still there, maybe pick it up. I have to put my wallet away everytime I visit this site's classifieds.

I had a very light 6.5 SAUM. I wish I had never sold it. Heavy ones are more forgiving, but would not say more accurate.

Life is to short to carry heavy rifles afield...
For myself, the tipping point is 10 pounds they’re not heavy until they are more than 10 pounds and I still carry some of that weight in the field but I’m only 59 so far.
Within the stated parameters……your potential new rifle/cartridge should be a good choice!

Keeping all and having overlap is not bad. On the flip side , having one rifle/cartridge for “ALL” of your hunting is perfectly OK, especially within your narrow hunting parameter. However, it will be difficult to ignore those that will be screaming “Blasphemy”!

Your life can be simplified tremendously by having only one rifle/cartridge! Now if you really want to “simplify your life”…..choose one bullet for every game animal in your “one“ hunting rifle!

This should elevate the blood pressure of many on this Monday mornin! 😂 memtb
And a precise load for a certain yardage ? lol
It hurts my soul to say it, but in your position I would sell the 7mm RM and just stick with the .308 for hunting hogs and deer inside 300 yards.