Lightweight 308 upper


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I have a lightweight 308 upper for sale
Weighs 4 pounds 10.9 oz as you see it--
-16" melonite/nitride twisted fluted barrel threaded 5/8x24
-Forged upper with deflector and port door but no FA, black cera-kote finish
-3/4" journal gas block
-15" primary arms lightweight keymod handguard
-std charge handle
- fits old style dmps lower
- side discharge muzzle brake with small top ports, black cera-kote finish
- turns a 10-11 pound rifle into a 7-8 pound rifle easily
My lightweight lower weighs 2 pounds so my complete rifle weighed under 7 pounds
- $525
PM with questions

I had this photo on my gallery, if you want it I'll post or PM a pic with the date, screen name and upper- just didn't get around to it today
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Where did you get the barrel? How did it shoot? I just need a barrel and handgaurd to complete mine but been hard to find a lightweight barrel