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Mar 12, 2002
What would be the lightest weight custom action available to build a hunting weight rifle off the 378 wby or the 338 lapua case? I am starting a new personal project to see how light I can build a long range hunting gun off one of these cases. I have used wby mk 5's and ruger #1's for years because of there availability but haven't checked in a few years since a lot of new stuff has came out. Thanks for any help.
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Probably the Weatherby will be the one that is about the lighest and has everything you need, already in place. I don't think I would go any lighter.

Just noticed that CZ is making a control feed action for the 416 Rigby. Would be a Mauser type action. No idea what it weighs but would be a viable option in a hunting rifle.

Weatherby actions are usually very light for their intended use.

Good luck...

LTLR, Hi, Prairie Gun Works in Winnipeg, Manitoba has a new Timberwolf Tactical action that is specifically designed for the 338 Lapua and the 408 CheyTac. It has an integral rail with 20MOA built into it and it can be had in titanium. They also make ultralight rifles that weigh in at about 5.5lbs. All the lowdown can be found at . Good Luck on your project.
Jerry Stiller of Stiller Precision has his Python action that weighs in around 42oz. I would double check with Jerry to make sure he recommends the Python for the .590 bolt face. And right along that same weight is Bruce Thom's BAT Machine Co, Inc M Model action 8.5"x1.47" multi-flats. All of the other custom BR action makers that I'm aware of are heavier than those mentioned above. There may be others that are lighter but I'm not aware of them. I would again double check with BAt to make sure the M model will handle the .590 bolt face also. It has 1 1/8" diameter threads.
Also these are all custom built actions that are single shots and the ejection port probably won't handle ejecting a loaded round either. Your going to have to give up something to maintain a lightweight rifle.


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Hi again, had another look at Prairie Gun Works and they also have their M15Ti and M18Ti actions(alot lighter than the aforementioned T-Wolf) that can accomodate up to the 378wby. Their weights are 23oz and 25oz respectly. Good luck again!
Thanks to everyone for all the help. I looked at the prarie view website and that 25 ounce action looked good except for the price. I get the feeling I need to find a titanium mine instead of a gold mine. That stuff ain't cheap. I need to weigh a wby mk 5 action to see if the difference is worth $1000. The Sako TRG is very light and comparatively cheap. My two shoot good if I can keep the action screws tight. I stay very busy and travel a good bit so if I am here a couple days and then gone for a month that explains it. I just got a lot of required reading to catch up on every time I get back in here I guess. Thanks Again.
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