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Nov 14, 2008
How much difference will it make on my 300 RUM from a 150gr to a 100 gr.

For that matter any recommendations, mainly looking for a sheep/plinking load.

I don't want a muzzle break, so looking to lighten the recoil.

Above Link is to Hodgdon Youth Reduced Recoil(and Velocity) Load Data

Also in the past I have emailed Hodgdon and requested specific data and have received just the info I wanted in a very timely manner and same by phone, Thanks Hodgdon!

Good luck in your Quest


The ONLY Place Gun Control Belongs is During Recoil gun)
about a 25% recoil reduction but, recoil difference felt by one may be different for another. IMHO-plinking and 300 rum don't go hand in hand. Sheep ??? at what distance?
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With SR4759, I can load my RUM down to a .308 easy. Check Lyman 49th edition. Look at their CB loading.
You might also look into a Limbsaver recoil pad. I think it made a night/day difference on my shoulder, with my 300 and 338 RUMs. On both my Rem 700 with composite stock and the Stainless Stalker A-Bolt, the pads were drop in fits. Took about ten minutes to replace both.

I also load a 165gr SST for deer hunting, at 30-06 speeds. Kind of following the Remington sales campaign of three power levels for the 300RUM. One approximates 30-06, two equals the 300WinMag and three is full power Ultra Mag.
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