Lighter bullets for a caliber?


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Apr 2, 2009
I do not shoot normal weight bullets for a caliber and the usual answer is " go 0.010 or 0.020 off the lands,"does not work because the lighter than normal weight bullets are not as long. I am shooting a .243 and lighter bullets are not as long as heavier bullets. So what would be a good starting point? I shoot a 70 gr or smaller. :rolleyes:
personally i seat as long as i can and go with that , you can't make the bullet any longer so don't worry about it?

the other thing you could do is buy some factory ammo like nosler 70g ballistic tip or even the 55g ballistic tip and load to that length?

i've done a bit of light bullet stuff with .243 but mostly with a .308 and 110/130g heads and with the speer 130 hollow point its a real shooter and dynamite on vermin out to about 250/300m. i also use the 110g hornady TAP ammo and after the 168 tap round i think it may be my favorite!
I've always had good luck with the 55grain Nosler in the 243s...Red-mist on prairie dogs!! Getting to the lands is imposible with a factory chamber and I dont even try, just start a calibar in the neck and adjust from there. Hard to tell what length is gonna shoot best.........My 4 243 barrels all like them seated a little different for peak performance.
gun)Yep, right on. Just seat them deep enough for proper neck tension. Then minutely adjust the seating depth until they group well. The jump shouldn't hurt you.

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