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Oct 5, 2007
i own a remtington 700p in 308 win and with my handloads is a veritable tack driver, but i've found it heavy and awkward to get into hides and well as carry over rough terrain, i've already spoken to a gunsmith about shortening the bbl to 19" from 24" but have also considered "modifying" the stock primarily sanding down the forearm to a more trim profile and prehaps skeletonizing the butt stock, is this practical or safe? i considered purchasing an axiom stock but apparently its not possible to import into Canada. any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks


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Jan 28, 2007
South Dakota
Before you go chewing on your stock, consider this:

Lets say your stock weighs two pounds. To lose a pound you'd have to cut in half, to lose a half pound you'd again cut that piece in half, etc. . .

Point is you work, work, work doing all this and you soon learn that all you did was make a big ol pile of chips and dust on your floor without removing any real weight.

Steel is heavy, concentrate your efforts there if you want real appreciable gains.

Good luck.

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