Light weight long range build.


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Oct 21, 2011
All right so I'm thinking about starting a new build. I want a lighter weight heavy barreled rifle. I have a 20" .308 and love the way it balances. I want a round that has alittle better ballistics. (Thinking about .300WSM). I'm looking for suggestions but here is what I'm thinking. Let me know what you think. (Remington or stiller SA, I have a kreiger blank in Remington varmint contour that ill have cut at 20", badger thruster break, MCM Edge or lightweight Manners, M5 bottom metal with AI mag. What do you guys think and any suggestions. Thanks.
I just picked up a new 280AI that I built for the same purpose. It has a 24" approx #5 Brux (muzzle diameter of 0.725) fluted, trued Rem 700, Manners mcs-t. Bare rifle is 8.25lbs.
If you are truly using this as a packing rifle I would not give up length as it will hinder velocity. Turn the barrell down but keep the length. The McMillan Edge stocks are fantastic. I just built a 270 WSM on a Remington action. 27 inch tube with a Schuler break just under 7.5 lbs with a luepy 4.5x14x40. Have shot to 800 yards so far it's not difficult to shoot a properly built light rifle at that range. Pick your components well for weight. Short mags are the perfect cartridge for a light platform. What a perfect sheep or high altitude rifle.
I have a 270 WSM by Kirby Allen.
Stiller Predator action, Satern #4 fluted 26" barrel, Jewell trigger, Manners MCS-SL stock, Talley bases and rings, NF 2.5-10 scope. Weighs about 8 lbs.
Accuracy has been sufficient to take a number of marmots this year between 5 and 600 yards.


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Thanks everyone for the replys. Maybe I'll go 22-24". I'll talk to my smith and see what he says. He built me a 300wsm on a win mod 70 that shoots .25-.5 Moa but it has a heavy #7 barrel. I know he can build them so we will we what he says.
why not just get a 7mm Rem Mag T-3 Tikka, mine shoots 1/2" @ 100 yds and weighs 7.5 lbs with a 4.5x14 Carl Zeiss SF scope. Would go lighter w/ a lighter scope as much as 7 lbs, and the rifle only cost $650 shipped.
I'll lay down what I'd build if I had the unlimited coin for such a project, and rest assured I've mentally masturbated over a build such as this for a while:

-Rem 700 SA
-Badger M5 DBM
-Stock is a hang-up for me. It'd either be a McMillan Classic in Edge Fill, or Mickey GameScout in Edge Fill.
-Custom tube, your choice of maker, but I'd think about a 4 or fluted 5, twisted 1-8.5"
-Cut and Crown at 22"
-Talley LW Lows
-Leupy 3.5-10x40 with M1 turrets.
-Chamber would have to be 7 SAUM

And rock the phuck out.
Oh if we are talking unlimited funds then

Kelbly Atlas action
Mcmillan Hunter stock Blk & gray swirl
#4 Krieger Barrel 26" finished
Jewell Trigger
AICS Bottom metal (works on the action)
chambered in the 7 saum
4.5x14 Carl Zeiss scope

cost should be around $3000.00 +-
Unlimited funds or not, I cannot come up with anything better than the Kirby Allen I already have. One of our members has generously offered to send me a few 165 gr. Matrix's to try in my rifle. If they shoot well in my gun, it may well be a perfect LR lightweight rig.

Here is another idea I have been playing with for a while, and could well be my next LWLR rifle;
X-Treme Shooting Titanium short action
Not sure of the stock, started out thinking HS Precision Varmint, but Tanners Mickey Edge tech Gamescout probably fits the idea better
Kreiger 26" Fluted Sendero taper barrel
Jewell trigger
Murphy Ti scope bases and rings
I really like my S&B PMII scope, but it's not a lightweight. Premier makes a lighter weight model, and some of the other Schmidts are lighter as well, but I use MOA turrets, so that one would take a little research. I have not yet seen a really light weight scope that has turrets to match my Schmidt, or NF scopes.
Caliber? 6.5-284 maybe, 7 WSM, what about a 6.5 WSM
Things that are going to add unnecessary weight are thick barrels, heavy bottom metal/mag combinations, heavy scopes, steel bases/rings, large non "Edge" filled stocks and long actions.

I went with the following for my light weight

Pierce SA
#3, 24.5" Broughton in 6.5x47 Lapua
McMillan Rem Sporter Edge filled
Rifle Basix trigger @ 2.5 lbs
PTG alum BDL BM with std Rem box and follower
PTG round bolt knob

That got me to 6 lb 11 oz.


I then added a proprietary Pierce 20 moa alum base, Farrell alum 30mm rings, bubble level and a NF 2.5-10x32mm scope with NP-R2 reticle


By the time I add a Harrell 2-port brake, stock pack with 17 rounds of ammo, a TAB Gear sling, Leupold scope cover and Snipepod it's up to 10 lbs 7 oz.



From afar


It shoots too. 127 gr barnes LRX running 2800 with Varget @ 818 yds on 8" steel plate.


Going lighter would mean using a Pierce Titanium action, Leupold scope and ADL blind mag.
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Very nice rig Allen. Mine weighs about 4 oz. more than yours. I really like the NF 2.5-10, but discovered last week that Darrell Holland offers a S&B Klassic 3-12x42 with .25 MOA turrets and his MOA reticle. Weight is said to be 1 oz more than the NF. I am thinking real hard of selling my 4 month old NF in favor of the S&B... it's just the extra $1200 to upgrade I have not quite resolved yet.
You need to look into a DTA Covert. We've been selling them for a few months now, but I've been shooting them for several years.

You find that weight isn't nearly as big an issue as balance and OAL when it comes to portability.
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