lifetime hunt-Oryx on White Sands missile range


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Jan 28, 2021
San Antonio, TX
The hunt is a lot of fun but you will spend most of your time glassing from your truck. The only time you will really be out and about is when you glass one that you want to put a stalk on. Just bring food, snacks and a lot of liquids. Bring a friend too as it will be a more enjoyable hunt. There will be Game Wardens out and about so make sure that you are doing things right. They can watch you from a long ways off. Saw someone get in trouble using their truck as a rifle rest when they shot their Oryx.
Funny, on hunts where we were, they encouraged you to use the truck to lean on. But those were all depredation, not once in a lifetime trophy hunts.

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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
Best meat that we ever ate GEMSBOK. Cut the tenderloins out and threw them on a hot grill heated with some local wood just so they were burnt on the outside and red in the middle. So tender, better than a Ruth Chris. Had some local veggies and a bottle of Merlot. We harvested seven animals in SA for the price of a Texas deer hunt. Harvested with a Model 70 .325WSM 200gr Accubond.


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Nov 23, 2009
Its a day hunt. Ok, maybe 2, spend 1 day looking and 1 day killing. There are plenty of them out there. Find some "off post" adjacent ground and stack up a Barbary Sheep as well while you are there. There are plenty of both.


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