SOLD/EXPIRED LH rem 700 action and Hart barrel for sale


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Mar 26, 2008

Picked up a 7mm Ultra for the stock and I'm looking to parts out the rest. For sale is a Left hand 700 long action blued that has been duracoated in stainless color. Not sure if it was accurized. The lugs look like they were lapped. It has a wyatts extented center feed mag box. The action also has leupold bases duracoated that go with it. Action,floorplate,mag box, trigger and recoil lug SOLD shipped. The barrel is a Hart rem varmit contour 27" long 9 twist fluted. Barrel comes with 50 once fired brass and 1 new box berger 168's $280 shipped.

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I'll take the action for $400 shipped providing it includes floorplate, mag box, trigger, lug and bottom metal as in your original post. Private message sent.
Frank7mm let me know if it falls through I have a 7mm new barrel & new stock used the action for a custom build but would like to put the 7mm ultra back together mines blued barrel is blued but I can live with that thanks 270 lefty
Sold to who? You never answered my post saying I'll take it and my private message.