Leupold VX6 vs NF SHV

Rich Coyle

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Aug 14, 2013
Grants Pass, Oregon
If you buy the VX6 4x18 in 44 or 50MM in TMOA you WILL get a tactical capped turret in MOA format. Plus they did a good job of zero stops on this model. I don't know if they do CDS dials but I don't see the advantage if you're a long range shooter using MOA drops. The reticle has MOA graduation and is not too thick a reticle compared to others. Great scope. Check it out on their web sight but they don't talk at all about their tactical turrets on this model.

The lowest setting on this scope is 3X, not 4X. The next one up is 4-24X.


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Dec 21, 2011
VX6 gets my vote. The glass is superb and the twin bias spring erector system is excellent. I have a 3-18x44 on my 330 dakota and I practice out to 1500 yards without hiccup. A lot of the opinion that Leupys don't track is BS. As long as your scope has the TBES you are good to go. Remember this about Leupold, they were turning knobs with their Mark 4's long before most others. The older vari-xiii did not have the TBES and this is where this Leupy bashing started.
What is TBES?


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Mar 18, 2008
Frisco, Texas
I'm an ex Leupold user, when they changed the way all their scopes worked all the different HD,, VX,

They dove off the FFP cliff which is the worst for hunting. No hunter has to "range" their target using the reticle at any power. We ALL have expensive range finders to tell us this information. Most hunting rifle shots are 300 yards MAX. If I do attempt to make a long shot at game. I will range it, Dial in my MOA Come up's

Best Hunting scope for mid-priced money is the Swarovski Z6 5-30 is lightweight and deadly accurate.

I have one Z6, 1 SHV 5-20, 1 NX8 4-32X. My next will be another SHV. These are great scopes. Their only "fault" is the Zero Set. Follow the directions, the "SET" can be a bit mushy, not a solid tactile "click"


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