Leupold Vari x III --- Tracking problem


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Dec 21, 2011
I just got this scope and it was used , and i put on a kenton knob. Im starting to think im having some tracking ussues . i sighhted in my 200 yard right on,,, then rotated shot from some different distances., when i came back to 200 and rotated my knob to the 200 mark.. it shot about 2 inches low, my velositys are with in 20 fps, my scope didnt move.. what could be causing this? has anyone else had this problem and what can i do to fix it., im taking this scope on a hunt in 2 weeks and im very frustrated, I didnt try dialing past my yardage yet, then back. i heard this helps but i dont know why?? any advice wouldbe great!

I recommend that you condition both turrets and then repeat a box test at the range. Conditioning is done in the following way:

Find the mechanical center of both turrets. That's the midpoint of the total adjustment range.

Start with the elevation turret.

Rotate the turret clockwise to the limit, then counterclockwise to the opposite limit. Repeat nine more times. Return the turret to the mechanical center.

Then repeat the same process with the windage turret.

Then repeat the previous cycle (elevation turret ten times, windage turret ten times) nine more times. Then you will have exercised both turrets 100 times.

I've used this conditioning process to cure scope tracking problems. If the scope has turret knobs, I always condition the turrets when the scope is new. I perform the same process for the power ring - it solves POA drift problems with the zoom mechanism in the erector tube.

The conditioning process takes a while and can create fatigue in your hand. I wear a leather glove and perform the process in groups of 20-30 cycles, then rest for a few hours.

I read about this process in an article on this website. I tried it and found it to work.
the above advice is excellent, i do the same thing to all my scopes. but the vx-111 scopes are notorious for being **** poor tracking scopes. if it has the AO adjustment on the front, i would get another scope and don't waste your time and money on it.
Do a box test at 100 yards with your most accurate loadFire one shot at each corner of a 1" square, adjusting the scope up-down, left-right as you go. Your fifth shot should be very close to the first shot. If not return it to Leupold.

Sometimes, winding the adjustments to end of travel and back will re-set the erector tube springs.
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