Leupold Switch power binos


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Sep 16, 2009
Just curious if anyone has ever tried out the switch power binos from Leupold? all i have ever heard is that they are crap (price seems to reflect that), but they are gold ring so whats the deal are they that bad?
Total crap, after a half a year by buddies won't switch power very well, very gritty and cheesy. He's a big Leupold fan and every product he has failed this season yet he's loyal to them. :rolleyes:
Have had two pair for about a year now, one mine and one my duaghters
we love them alittle out of focus when switching but just a nudge of teh dail fixes it right up
If your wanting a quality mult-power binocular, try the Leica Duovid... A buddy of mine let me borrow his for my sons sheep hunt and they were fantastic! Yes, they are pricy, but quality is always cheaper in the long run. the ones I used were the 10-15x50 model... I am saving up my coins and will own a pair before next season. I am sold! NJS
I got the 7-10 power ones from leupold this year. the switch works fine, and they focus pretty clear, but they are pretty stinking dark in low light. i would like to try the 10-17 power and see how much the 42mm objective helps, but the little 32mm on mine is too dark.

when it's light out they work great, i've used them next to lieca geovids, swaro el's, and some other $1k ish bino's, and they are all better in low light. during decent light, i do really like mine.

i really like the switch power, but they lack a lot in low light. I got them because i had some other bino's that broke and i just upgraded to these so i didn't have to pay that much. i think i would be disappointed had i paid full price.
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