Leupold Questions


Feb 2, 2010
My first post here guys. My hunting buddy and I just ordered a couple of 280 ackleys and we've pretty much selected Leupold as the scope to top them off because we've used them for years and because we live in oregon and they are so close, just in case. I have been researching them for weeks and the choices have been overwelming me in this case.

Which Reticle, 3.5-10 or 4.5 to 14, VX3 with turrets and mil dot or just go with the mark 4, first focal plane or second??????

I'm pretty sure that the vx3 3.5-10 x 40mm is what I want but...

Can someone give me their experience and comments on the first focal plane reticle option? (I'm not even sure this is an option on the VX3 but i'm still considering the mark 4 too)

Comments on the M1 turrets vs. the M2 turrets for hunting use. (I understand the click adjustment 1/4 and 1/2 moa difference) just want to here real world experience with them?

The guns will be 7.5lb and I like the reduced weight of the vx3 vs. the mark 4 but I'm considering benefits here too.

Thanks in advance.
I would lean towards the 4-14x40 for the added magnification in a reasonable size about 13 oz. I would get a TMR OR mil dot reticle,also you can get the new CDS dial for your paticular load or get that said dial, which is low profile, in MOA. tHEN LATER YOU CAN ALWAYS GET A CUSTOM DIAL FOR $50
I would lean towards the 4x14x50
I would figure out what your max shooting range for your gun will be (then add a few hundred yards) if you can get the elevation change you need in one turn of the turret I would have the CDS turret installed if not then I would put on the m1s
I would use the varmit hunters reticle it will give you a faster shot out to 600 yards under the right conditions
I like your thinking sp6x6. Very sound advice and the kind of reply I was looking for. I failed to mention in my orginal post that these rifles primary use will be for hunting but I want to be able to aquire the skills necessary for those longer shots when it's the only reasonable alternative or just for fun shooting long targets. Any more wisdom on the tmr vs. mildot? I'm pretty sure the mildot is what I want because I like fine reticles and I've still got pretty good eyes to estimate the inbetweens.
I've been looking at the CDS Dials and they are definately of interest. The problem I see is that I live in Oregon at 400ft and wet climate and do most of my hunting either at the top of the cascades(4000-5000ft) or dry high desert 4500ft or NE Oregon Eagle Cap wilderness 5-7000ft. Lots of changed conditions to deal with. Just thinking I should just get the straight MOA dial and make several range cards for the different conditions.

I'm sure wishing I had gone to sniper school while I was at Ft Cambell, but chose Ranger school instead. No regrets extept i missed a great opportunity that would have come in handy right about now.

Thanks for the advice.
I have been looking at the Mark 4 6.5x20x50 with the TMR reticle. That very well may be my next scope. It's going on a bit heavier of a set up than what you're looking for though.

Another reticle worth considering is the Leupold B&C. I have that on a 4.5x14 VX-III and really like it. I have been using the reticle to consistently hit up to 500 yards and adjusting the turret beyond that. I've been using it for the last two years and really like it, good set up.
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